Teachers and staff

Janis Buholcs - Assistant professor at the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences where he teaches courses on media economics, media ethnics, online information environment and social media.

"Today, we have innumerable media outlets at our disposal, and the amount of easily accessible information grows larger day by day. Thus, one of the most important modern skills is to understand how media operate, comprehend the content production process and evaluate that content critically. With workshops on creation and deconstruction of multimedia content and lectures by experts in media literacy and critical thinking, the Baltic International Summer School offers just that – in friendly and international settings."


Agnese Karaseva - Lecturer, researcher and head of Communication and media studies at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Her research interests are related to digital and media literacies.

"As media users on every day basis, we encounter a lot of disinformation and news, which might be fake or created with an aim to spin and twist the reality. During this course, students will improve their civic online reasoning skills, become more skilled to critically analyze media messages and they will understand how propaganda and disinformation messages are built and spread among various media audiences."



Liene Ločmele - PhD candidate, lecturer at Faculty of Society and Science, Vidzeme University of Applied Science

"Media literacy for me entails, first, being mindful when selecting, evaluating and interpreting the variety of content that is brought to our attention by so-called old or new media technologies. My research interests lie in the interpersonal and intercultural aspects of human communication with a special focus on the communication of identity."


Elina Sokolova-Luca - Event manager

"Summer school sounds like sun and studying? Yes! In most of the Europe summer will come only in June, but you can expect summer in Latvia sooner - in May. I am not going to lie, summer schools are intense, but together with social activities, new friends and interesting topics, I promise, it will be fun and full of new knowledge and experiences.''


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