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BISS Students Bid Farewell to Latvia
News created - 21.08.2013

Last week, on Saturday 17 August 2013, saw the end of two intensive weeks for 64 students in the Baltic International Summer School (BISS), including the programme International Tourism and Event Management (ITEM). This particular programme was an opportunity for the tourism faculty to pilot a new joint master's programme (of the same name) before its official implementation in the three Baltic countries.

ITEM summer school students began bidding farewell during an evaluation activity on the Gauja tram in Valmiera. Led by Agita Līvina, Associate Professor at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA), the students were asked to tell their worst and best experience in the summer school. Each student had something different to say, from enduring the temperamental Latvian weather and the school’s tight schedule, to creating new memories and strong bonds of friendship.

Most of the students study within the tourism field in their home countries, but for some it is a new venture in academia. Alessio Serra, a student from Italy, said: "I enjoyed the lectures about IT application in event management. It is a new field for me and I hope to learn more in the future."

As the 15th Baltic International Summer School to be hosted, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is proud to introduce international guests to Valmiera, Latvia and the Baltic States. Izle Ozola, a Latvian student from ViA, comments: "I've never heard so many compliments about Valmiera and Latvia in my life. It makes me feel very happy!"

Each year, the BISS experience is different, unique to the time. We have the great opportunity to document the events through film, shot by two international interns working in Valmiera. Tadas Klimauskas, an intern from the neighbouring Lithuania, adds: "I've been here for two months and BISS is my best experience in Latvia. It was great looking through the lens and seeing you all smile."

Perfectly summarising the spirit and aim of BISS, Agita Līvina concluded by saying: "You have had two unique weeks in ViA and Valmiera, learning new points about tourism and made new friends for future cooperation".

BISS course “International tourism and event management” is funded as a part EU Lifelong learning programme project “Master’s in International Tourism and Event Management/ITEM” with support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia and Valmiera City Council.


Gabrielle Westhead

PR Assistant for BISS 2013



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