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Baltic International Summer schools students learns about Vidzeme region through field trip
News created - 03.07.2015

Last weekend Baltic International Summer School participants learned not in the lecture rooms, but also participated in the outdoor activitties by learning in study tours and field trips. In these activities students had to do a practical research about Nordic Baltic Choral festival 2015 and also they visited different Vidzeme regional cities. This experience allowed to gain a better view about event management.
Saturday, on June 27, international students were going to Sigulda, where Sigulda Municipality was giving a lecture “Strategic approach for public tourism event management”. In this lecture students were introduced to the city’s history and tourism management. Afterwards participants continued their field trip in Nordic Baltic Choral festival 2015. This festival gathered more than 400 singers from different countries. Students had a chance not only to be apart from the audience, but also take a place as researchers: “In the centre of practical research was two main pillars, event affect on economics, society and environment, also the new Information communication technology (ICT) usage in the event and its affect to event’s visitors experiences diversification by using ICT tools research methods”, admitted BISS international manager Andris Klepers. In this research the information communication technology tools helped in saving time by gathering the data and application methods. Even though students had only one day for this research, it still gave a better view on the event management and its different perspectives. Participants also made conclusions and they made proposals for similar events.
The trip to Sigulda was an amazing experience for me. By doing the research and getting to know the local people and tourists form the Baltic region, the cultural part was really impressive for two main reasons: First of all, the singers passions! I had a Goosebumps for an hour! I respect the Latvia for maintain the culture. And secondly, I discovered Baltic and Nordic people calm character. I didn’t see the police, but the event was well organized!” said Natia Gigineishvili, the representative of Georgia.
While in Sunday, on June 28, summer schools participants were going on a tour around the Vidzeme region. They visited Cesis Medieval Castle and learned about the city’s history by taking a walk in the old streets. Afterwards students visited Ligatne Cultural and tourism centre and Lustuzu cliffs. Also participants learned about tea rituals in Ungurmuiza, but in the evening all students and staff members were bonding through some social activities at Veczemju cliffs.
Since 1999 BISS has been a traditional summer education programme, which each year is taking place in Vidzemes University of Applied science, in Valmiera. For most of the participants this experience has created a interest about Latvia and Baltic countries.
Baltic International Summer School is organized with support from State Education and Development Agency, Government of Latvia and Valmiera Municipality.



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