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Valmiera is the hometown of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. It is the largest city in the Vidzeme region. It is only 100 kilometers from the capital, Rīga, and 50 kilometers from the Estonian border. The city is well known for its castle ruins and 13th century Lutheran Church. It has one of Latvia’s best theaters, a rapidly growing business sector and vast parks close to the Gauja River. Valmiera is a city for those who enjoy sports and other outdoor activities.

Valmiera and the Vidzeme region enjoy mild summer temperatures from +15 to +30 degrees Centigrade. However, some times the warm summer weather can change. We thus advice you to bring some warm clothes and a raincoat.

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How to get to Valmiera

If you arrive at Riga International Airport (RIX) you should follow these steps in order to get to Valmiera:

  1. From the airport to Riga train or bus terminal:
    - By public transport: bus No.22, direct from airport (stop Lidosta) to Riga centre (stop Autoosta).
    Frequency 10 - 30 minutes. The journey takes about 30 minutes.
    - By taxi: the journey to the centre takes approximately 15 minutes. Here are some taxi numbers: Baltic Taxi - 8500or Red Cab - 8383.
  2. By bus to Valmiera: the trip from Riga to Valmiera takes approximately 2 – 2.5 hours. Fare: 4.75€. Valmiera bus terminal is located only 2 minutes walking distance from Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences main building, Cēsu Street 4.
  3. By train to Valmiera: the trip takes approximately 2 – 2.5 hours. Valmiera train station is located 15 minutes walking distance from town centre. You can use public transport buses No. 5, No. 6, No. 10for getting to the city centre.


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