About ViA

Vidzemes Augstskola is a university located in Valmiera, in the Vidzeme region. Around 1000 students attend there courses of tourism, business, governance, communication and IT. It was founded in 1996 and its aim is to encourage regional development and innovative research. It is based on interdisciplinary studies that combine both theory and practice and it offers the possibility to have international experiences (Erasmus, Nordplus, etc). The university also hosts foreign students. It takes pride in its ecological soul as it is the first eco university in the Baltics and it repeatedly received the green flag in 2014. Its strong connection with the territory and nature influences the identity of this university. As a matter of fact it is focused on the growth of its students and it aims at being a ground to grow for them. For this reason plants are one of its symbols.

The main venue for seminars and workshops is Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences building on Cesu iela 4. This is the main building of the university with excellent facilities for lectures and workshops of the summer school. There is also a library with individual reading rooms and computer facilities.

Enjoy a virtual tour of the university here.


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